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A trip to Pratomagno presents an ideal opportunity to stop over at Restaurant Archimede to taste typival Tuscan dishes such as "ribollita", mixed grills or meat and fowl roasted on a turnspit, not to mention our T-bone steaks, home-made pasta or trout, freshly fished in our pond and cooked in all kinds of sauces.
Restaurant On his farm Archimede produces his own beans and vegetables, as well as wine and extra-virgin olive oil. The premises, which originally served to store coal, still have a typical rustic appearance; nonetheless, taking care to keep it as it originally was , it has been enlarged to accomodate banquets, and to provide greater comfort for its clientele. A spacious covered terrace overlooking the Chiesimone and the surrounding countryside enables on the pleasure of eating outdoor in Summer. Pratomagno is a large region, and offers many attractions: painting, sculpture, architecture, music and literature. One simple must visit Vallombrosa, famous for its millenary Abbey , an occasion to discover one of the most magnificent arboretums in the world and the evocative centuries-old forest.
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